Cross-chain Loans | Decentralized Lending Marketplace Across Blockchains

The world’s first decentralized lending marketplace across blockchains.


With Cross-chain Loans your assets are locked by smart contracts so you do not have to trust a central entity.


Enter the world of cross-chain DeFi and discover assets beyond Ethereum's blockchain.

Mobile Native DeFi

Access the Cross-chain Loans Protocol from your mobile phone. We believe DeFi should be easy and for everyone.

Lending across blockchains

Borrow assets on any Blockchain

Borrow any token on Ethereum from the Cross-chain Loans Protocol using assets from other blockchains as collateral. Enter the world of multi-chain DeFi.

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Earn interest on your assets

Lend your assets across blockchains to earn APY's based on the market demand for that asset.

Cross-chain Loans on Mobile

Supported Blockchains:
- Harmony (ONE)
- Ethereum (ETH)

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